Low-Cost Spay and Neuter Clinic for Sapulpa Residents

Thanks to a partnership with Humane Society of Tulsa and Drs. Jana and Brady Robbins, DVM, Sapulpa Furry Friends is proud to host our first-ever low-cost spay and neuter clinic for Sapulpa residents and their pets!

Our first clinic will be open to Sapulpa residents only. This clinic is open to anyone whose address is in Sapulpa. (You will be required to show a drivers license or water/utility bill with Sapulpa residence at the time of drop-off.) We hope to be able to expand our reach to others in the area in the future.

There are a limited number of spots. Please purchase your spot using the below store*. 

Saturday, September 21

Drop-Off Times Will Vary - Check Your Email for Your Time

Drop Off At: Humane Society Tulsa, 11908 S. 33rd W. Ave., Sapulpa


*It's important to note that if your pet is pregnant, in heat, a cryptorchid (male testicles haven't descended) or has a hernia, there is an additional cost and you will be asked to pay the remaining fee at the time of the appointment. 

*There are other services available too, including vaccines, heartworm test, dewormer, flea medicines and more. You can elect to purchase these additional services on the day of your appointment. Payment will be due the day of the procedure.

*If your pet has fleas, you will be charged for Capstar to prevent fleas from causing infection of the incision.


You may have to pay an additional fee at the time of the procedure if your pet is in heat, pregnant, a cryptorchid or has a hernia. We will accept cash or cards for payment. No checks will be accepted.

You will receive drop-off information and instructions at least one week prior to the appointment. Please make sure to check your email regularly for updates and information. 

Sapulpa Furry Friends

P.O. Box 1083

Sapulpa, Oklahoma 74067

(539) 777-0991

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